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Our mission at UFIT Drinks is to change the way people eat on-the-go and help you face each day with the strength needed to succeed and to do more. We are extremely passionate about sharing the benefits of protein with you and ensuring its importance is fully understood.


Our Team

We are a team of protein enthusiasts and industry experts with over 20 years of nutrition industry experience. After building multiple successful brands and products we decided to assemble our own team of passionate and knowledgeable protein lovers and launch a range of our own, delicious protein drinks. UFIT was the result!

Our Drinks

Whether you’re on the move, busy at work or looking for a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks, it is essential that you are consuming adequate levels of protein to help you preserve your strength, restore your energy levels and keep you on top. Protein also offers a host of beauty benefits that we bet you weren’t aware of!

Our drinks make it simple, convenient, and delicious for you to fuel your body while allowing you to focus on taking care of the other things in your life.

The UFIT team!

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